Innovative Technology

Keeping abreast of innovative technologies helps Creamer Environmental, Inc. to offer the best remediation options for each site. We have used many different innovative technologies to treat soils, sediments and groundwater impacted by contaminants including heavy metals, coal tar, volatile and semi-volatile organic compounds, PCBs and pesticides.  We utilize GPS guided equipment when performing soil and sediment excavation, backfilling and grading to precisely target and segregate contaminated materials and achieve unsurpassed accuracy during the entire excavation and restoration process.

Our experience in treating contaminated soils and sediments includes: soil mixing and blending using a variety of stabilizing and microbial and chemical additives; soil stabilization using ISS and jet grouting technologies; in and ex-situ thermal technologies; soil vapor extraction; oxygen delivery methods; and bioreactor and biopile construction.

Our experience in treating contaminated groundwater includes: construction of pump and treat systems; biological and chemical injections via wells and infusion galleries; installation of funnel and gate systems and reactive barriers; and enhanced natural attenuation.