Wetlands and Sediment Remediation

Removing contaminated sediments in aquatic environments can pose environmental challenges for even the most skilled contractor. Creamer Environmental, Inc.’s approach to sediment and wetlands remediation focuses on using targeted procedures to carefully remove contaminated sediments while minimizing the impacts to the adjacent areas.  

We have implemented the removal, remediation and replacement of sediments in water bodies and in wetlands that have been impacted by a range of contaminants including MGP residuals, PCBs and heavy metals.  This work has included sediment removal, in-situ treatment and capping, as well as the remediation and restoration of sensitive wetlands sites.    

CEI has performed both mechanical and hydraulic dredging in surface water bodies including lagoons, rivers, creeks, streambeds, ponds, and intake flumes,  and has successfully treated and discharged millions of gallons of water generated during dredging activities.  We have bypassed water bodies, installed tide gates for water management, and installed cofferdams and porta-dams to facilitate dredging operations.