Manufactured Gas Plant Services

From the early 1800s through the mid-1900s, manufactured gas plants (MGPs) around the world processed oil and coal to produce gas for cooking, heating, and lighting. This gas manufacturing process yielded by-products including tars, sludges, arsenic, cyanides, and phenols that now require remediation.


Creamer Environmental, Inc. (CEI) is one of the nation's leaders in the remediation of former manufactured gas plants. We are experienced in every phase of the work; from the cleaning and demolition of gas holders and tar separators to the remediation of contaminated soil, sediment, and groundwater left behind by these legacy sites.


Our capabilities span a full range of MGP remediation services including:

-Cleaning and disposal of MGP residuals in gas holders, separators, tar wells, and soils
-Physical decommissioning and demolition of standing gas holders and gas plants
-Excavation of impacted soils in the open and under temporary structures
-Installation of permanent groundwater and soil treatment systems
-Removal of MGP impacted sediments in and along water bodies
-Temporary dewatering and on-site water treatment
-In-situ stabilization of MGP impacted soils
-Construction of cut-off walls and caps
-Final site restoration
-Odor management