Creamer Environmental, Inc. (CEI) has extensive experience in constructing, remediating, and capping landfill sites. CEI has completed remediation and/or restoration of abandoned industrial, municipal, asbestos, solid waste, hazardous waste, medical waste and chromium landfills. We have constructed many types of landfill caps and cells using a variety of earthen and aggregate materials, geotextiles, HDPE liners, asphalt and concrete caps. We have installed steel sheeting, deadmen and tie back anchoring systems, geogrid and textile slope stabilization systems, as well as concrete barrier walls to successfully support and stabilize landfill sidewalls and slopes.

We have remediated and capped landfills adjacent to, or near bodies of water, often requiring bank and wetlands restoration. We have installed liners to construct new landfill cells and have installed piping systems and in-situ treatment systems at active and inactive landfills. Several of the landfills that CEI remediated or constructed containment for were either Superfund or TSCA landfills.