Groundwater Remediation

Creamer Environmental, Inc. (CEI) offers an innovative range of services and technologies focused on the control and treatment of contaminated groundwater.  We have constructed many types of temporary and permanent containment, recovery and treatment systems to manage contaminated groundwater which is generated during construction or removal activities, and to treat contaminated groundwater plumes long-term. 

We remove contaminated groundwater using temporary and permanent groundwater recovery systems including deep wells, sumps and well points for recovery of contaminated groundwater and free product.  We utilize treatment components such as air strippers, oil/water separators, activated carbon and particulate filters to treat water on site to meet local POTW or other regulatory discharge requirements.  For sites when treatment is not possible, we coordinate the off-site transportation and disposal of contaminated groundwater.

We perform in-situ groundwater remediation using active treatment methods such as air sparging, bioremediation, oxygen and chemical injection and passive methods including reactive barriers and funnel and gate systems.