Containment Walls, Caps, and Liners

While excavation and treatment are common solutions for many soil, sediment, and groundwater remediation projects; containment or fixation can sometimes be a more appropriate and more economical alternative.

Our crews are experienced in utilizing the specialized equipment necessary to construct containment systems in precarious and difficult to access locations.

Creamer Environmental, Inc. (CEI) has performed containment activities in and adjacent to water bodies, under structural footings and foundations, and within environmentally sensitive areas. On one site we installed a vertical barrier, similar to the sound wall system normally used on highway construction projects, to serve as a vertical cut-off wall. This, along with a soil cap, kept landfill debris from eroding into an adjacent river.

On another site, CEI installed a soil-bentonite slurry wall around an active substation to isolate it from the surrounding remediated areas. We have utilized numerous in-situ stabilization techniquess including deep soil mixing and jet grouting.

We have capped and contained sites contaminated with both organic and inorganic compounds including chromium, lead, arsenic, PCBs, TCE, coal tar, and BTEX. In each case, CEI delivered the safe, sound, and cost-effective solutions our clients required.